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Danskin: Fresh spin

Ah, the gym model: perfectly made up, glowing, and with proportions that don’t quite make sense.

Photoshop Disasters

A lot of people choose spin class to get fit because it’s a group activity, it’s fun, and it’s safer than riding a regular bicycle. But even the most stationary bicycle won’t balance someone as top-heavy as this gym patron.

Thanks Anna for the find. The original was found in a Danskin newsletter.

Ironed Out

This image is completely unbelievable. Who wears high heels while ironing?

Photoshop Disasters

This isn’t just a great example of a bobble-head, it’s the rarely seen bobble-head incline, wherein a model’s proportions grow as you move from her toes to the top of her head. Top-heavy and with a low center of gravity, these models are often seen with floating ironing boards that they use to keep their balance.

Thanks Angel. The original was found in a local Spanish shop.

Nice, uh, hair

Those flowing pants aren’t helping this model’s stunted figure.

Photoshop Disaster

A bobble-head so good they used it twice. And is it just me, or do the hands match the head’s proportions – but no other part?

Thanks Rewie. The original came all the way from Gambia Africa.

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