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Danskin: Fresh spin

Ah, the gym model: perfectly made up, glowing, and with proportions that don’t quite make sense.

Photoshop Disasters

A lot of people choose spin class to get fit because it’s a group activity, it’s fun, and it’s safer than riding a regular bicycle. But even the most stationary bicycle won’t balance someone as top-heavy as this gym patron.

Thanks Anna for the find. The original was found in a Danskin newsletter.

Ironed Out

This image is completely unbelievable. Who wears high heels while ironing?

Photoshop Disasters

This isn’t just a great example of a bobble-head, it’s the rarely seen bobble-head incline, wherein a model’s proportions grow as you move from her toes to the top of her head. Top-heavy and with a low center of gravity, these models are often seen with floating ironing boards that they use to keep their balance.

Thanks Angel. The original was found in a local Spanish shop.


One of the better-selling novelties at The CNN Store in Atlanta is the “Dana Bash” bobblehead doll.

Paste on head

That girl’s head definitely looks pasted on to me, but then what’s up with the body, as well?  The entire image looks like a screenshot from “Team Fortress 3: Morgan-Stanley Mayhem.”  The ever-popular sniper character has been replaced by this chick: The Forecloser.

Thanks Kathy. You can see the original Lake Forest site.

Bud Elita: Inflated Skills

Dmitri was so excited when he arrived for his first big photo shoot, he wolfed down two entire breakfast bars from the snack table, ruefully neglecting to first check the label for peanuts.

Eastern European symbolism is traditionally weird, so it’s anyone’s guess what the ‘white silhouette’ against the drab and dated building is supposed to represent.  And considering this billboard is actually marketing a technical college, I guess the modern high-rise on the left makes sense.  But how a pumped-up noggin four times normal scale makes anyone want to get within a hundred meters of that building is beyond me.

Thanks Michal
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