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Wolford: Disjointed Experience

Excuse me miss, where do those legs go? That’s not a pick up line, I’m concerned for your health.

Photoshop Disasters

This disaster didn’t seem obvious until I investigated those knees and hips (I have a hard job). If you have a difficult time seeing it, just try to strike this pose on the stairs. Also, make sure to have a chiropractor on speed-dial.

Thanks Elly for the great find! You can see the original on the Wolford site.

Levi’s: Less than Graceful

The irony of an obtuse cut-out next to the slogan “cut with grace” is better than any pithy line I could come up with.

Photoshop disaster

Leather gloves and bare-feet rarely go together – but when you have a severed boot to accompany your boot cut (haha) jeans, anything is possible.

We got this so many times the last few days we decided to to feature it. What do you think happened here? Is it a disaster or is it just bad placement of the ad?

Diesel: The Cabbage Patch Kids Grew Up

I like my women like I like my plants: strangely proportioned and unaware I exist.

Photoshop Disaster

Compare the difference in elbow height and you might see why this model has such a mean left hook. Mention it to her face and you definitely will.

Still, those jeans look like they fit like a dream.

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