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Baldwin’s character on 30ROCK is indeed hilarious, but still lacks the depth and dimension of his earlier roles in films such as The Shadow and The Edge.

For the record, I think Tina Fey is just as shopped into this background as is our friend Alec, but it’s the lack of color correction on Alec that gives this disaster away.  But what I love most about this one is the irony of such obvious layering work all in the name of promoting a “Special LIVE Episode” of the show.  Sweet!

Thanks Morten. You can see the original on the 30 Rock Facebook page.

ELLE: Glitchy Glitchy Ya-Yas Here!

Not a PSD.  This is a production still from the latest sequel in “The Matrix” franchise.  Here we see three rogue “agents,” cleverly disguised as Swedish fashion models, in the act of dodging small arms fire as depicted through the iconic visual effect known as “bullet time.”  Neo lives!

How does this even happen?! Chime in, experts! Is this the fault of the GA, or a ‘hiccup’ during the printing process? Or perhaps the Q.C. person was distracted by their crazy footwear. Yeah, that must be it. The shoes.

Thanks Josefin. You can see the original in the Swedish version of Elle. View PSD

Teva: More Brain Less Brawn

half arm

Italian men are too husky – they distract the women with their sexiness. Less shoulders, more serious – breed more intelligent Italians.

Thanks Alex. The original can be found in the Italian edition of the Panorama magazine. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our marked up image.

Vito (on the right) is moving so fast–as can be seen by the blur of his lab coat–that a hunk of his arm was spontaneously transmongrified into the ether.

Speed kills. By YoMamma