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Preziosa: JLO’s Jewels

There’s no denying Jennifer Lopez‘s acting skills.  Here she is looking serene even though her necklace is painfully embedded into the flesh of her neck.  What a pro!


Thanks to Alessandro for sending us another great PsD.  You can see the original here, on page 16.

Vogue: Mind Your Head

This will teach Gwen Stefani to tell her stylist to “take a little off the top.”

The longer you look at this Vogue cover, the stranger it looks. First, there’s the awkward spider pose they’ve got poor Gwen in, then there’s the little matter of her teeny head and normal-sized face. C’mon, guys… we’re sure your readers will still know it’s Vogue if her head covers the “G.”

Thanks for sending us this link, Helena.

Megan Fox in Full-Frontal Shocker

Megan Fox in Full-Frontal Shocker PSD
Click image to magnify
This season, sexy lingerie – topped off with a clip-on trenchcoat – is definitely the last word in high fashion. Don’t get left behind – order yours today!
Thanks Tessa.

Victoria’s beyond the pale of Justice

PSD on Victorias Photo

They could tell when she arrived for the photo shoot that there may be some issues; besides looking rather washed-out and sickly, Victoria just couldn’t decide on whether she wanted the boots with normal laces, the ones with crazy laces, or the ones with no laces at all.

Thanks Katelynn.

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