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Jeb Bush’s Very Dark Hand

Jeb Bush’s Super PAC, Right To Rise, recently tweeted out a really strange picture of the Presidential candidate.


Whose hand is that?! A spokesperson for R2R explained the dark hand on Jeb’s hip by stating that a woman had been standing near him and cast a shadow on his hand. The image was then used in front of a stock photo of Iowa.

A likely story! Still funny, though.

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Oh Hey, Lindsay Lohan Photoshops Her Instagram Pics Too

Lindsay Lohan posted this image to her Instagram account this weekend, and it took approximately 4 seconds before everyone noticed that she’d given herself a little digital tummy tuck.lindsay-lohan-photoshop

Hey, if it’s good enough for Beyonce, I guess it’s good enough for this train wreck Li-Lo. My only question is, why didn’t she do something about her strangely square rear end while she was at it?

Thanks to Michelle and everyone else who sent this in!


Justin Bieber Photoshopped In Calvin Klein Ads

Ever since those pics of buffed-up man-baby Justin Bieber posing for Calvin Klein hit the internet, we’ve been getting emails from readers questioning whether he’d been Photoshopped.  The answer of course is yes, but we weren’t seeing anything that really qualified as disastrous.

But then, the plot thickened.  First, Gawker reported that someone had actually gone in and Photoshopped a “happy trail” (that’s pubes, to you and me) onto his hairless abdomen.  Then, the NY Post’s Page Six claimed that his bulge had gotten a little help, as well.

Today, a website called Breathe Heavy claims to have unretouched images of the Bieber photo shoot:


Via Gawker and

Daaaaaaamn. Maybe we do have a disaster on our hands, after all.  What do you think?

Preziosa: JLO’s Jewels

There’s no denying Jennifer Lopez‘s acting skills.  Here she is looking serene even though her necklace is painfully embedded into the flesh of her neck.  What a pro!


Thanks to Alessandro for sending us another great PsD.  You can see the original here, on page 16.

Vogue: Mind Your Head

This will teach Gwen Stefani to tell her stylist to “take a little off the top.”

The longer you look at this Vogue cover, the stranger it looks. First, there’s the awkward spider pose they’ve got poor Gwen in, then there’s the little matter of her teeny head and normal-sized face. C’mon, guys… we’re sure your readers will still know it’s Vogue if her head covers the “G.”

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