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Washingtonian Mom: Jay Carney & The Floating Finger

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and his wife, author Claire Shipman, know a thing or two about press conferences.  Rule #1:  Always try to divert attention from the cloned books and disembodied finger on your bookshelf.



Thank you to everyone who sent this in!  You can see a larger version of this disaster here.

Can’t see the psd?  Look on the right of the image, second shelf down from the top.

North Korea: Hovercraft Clone Wars

Keen-eyed observers noticed something odd about this propaganda photo released by North Korean officials on Tuesday.  It seems they tried to make a recent military training drill look a bit more impressive with a little help from our friend, the clone tool.


 (Original photograph courtesy of KCNA via KNS/AFP/Getty Images)



This certainly isn’t the first time a government agency has used Photoshop to pump up their photos, and it definitely won’t be the last, but it does make you wonder how they think they’ll get away with something like this in today’s day and age. Don’t they know we at PS Disasters live for this stuff?

Many thanks to Laurent for the tip, and to The Guardian for the enhanced images.


A telltale sign that tensions had eased between the two universes was the formation of the Joint Fringe Division Surfing Club.

Obviously, there are many liberties being taken with various Photoshop tools to create a very poor illusion of more surfers than actually exist.  What intrigues me is the ‘why’ behind the image.  I’m gonna go with a scenario where the manager had a small photo of surfers, but was too cheap to have it framed because he already had this really wide frame in his attic that would fit the space perfectly, and… that’s when Javier, the cook-slash-graphic arts student, decided to make his big move.

Thanks Michael. The original was found at a Taco del Mar restaurant in Washington state. 

Desigual: Twin Tragedy

Not a PSD.  This is actually a production still from the upcoming Star Trek sequel, working title:  Androids of Bikini Beach.  As you can see, several ‘Oscars’ and ‘Alices’ are visible, and each wears an identifying amulet with name and series number.  Fun cameo appearance by Amanda Seyfried, as well!

The Clone Stamp is one of my favorite tools.  And when combined with Color Erase and some simple alterations to hair, makeup, wardrobe, and posing, it’s not difficult to make five or six models look like a crowd of fifty.  However, let this disaster be a lesson to all about the inherent dangers of drinking and Photoshopping.  More often than not, sloppy use of this tool will slip through the cracks of the review phase and written off to double vision caused by one too many CranBAMS.

Thanks Fabien. The original was found on the DocNews website. You can check out our red image gallery if you can’t see the marked up version.

Vote Yes on Issue 2: Send In the Clones

Hundreds of local youth showed up today to apply for a few job openings at the new Abercrombie & Fitch.

Having an extremely flat road with a pitch at the end only a humvee could get over only held them back so long. By Dont

Thanks April for the submission and the explanation. The original was created by Alliance For America’s Future. The focus was to keep children living and working in Ohio. Be sure to check out this images tag if you can’t see the PSD.

Tendring District Council: One Of Us One Of Us

We believe environmental control begins with limiting the pollution that excess models create and have set a great example by recycling ours. You’re welcome.

Thanks Steven for scanning and sending this into us. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our marked up image.

Reader Captions:

Like Clark Kent with eyeglasses, the simple act of mirroring a photograph renders these duplications undetectable! by J.Isaac

Are you sure they’re dupes? Maybe “Pollution / Environmental Control” is a really big issue in that town.
Don’t ask about their frog problem… by Waldobaby

A Local Mall: Shop Shop Shopping Shoppers

There should be more models like blue T-shirt guy. He just fits in. Everywhere.

Thanks T. The original was found in a local mall.

Reader Captions:

They figured if they didn’t show the shirt, no one would be able to tell it was the same guy.  I always identify people, not by their faces, but by the color of their shirt.  Every time my mother where a yellow shirt, I think she’s my Uncle Fred.  It gets very confusing at thanksgiving. By Stella

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