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Pepsi Throwback: In 2D

pepsi can

A flashback to bygone days when the two dimensional zeitgeist was ‘It”.

Thanks Allen. The original was found on Gawker but you can see it here also. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our marked up image within our gallery.

Looks like the Pepsi has gone flat.
Actually, can you image what an opened can would be like after 40 years? It would be half brown tentacles and half bugs.  By Commie

Quarter Panel with Cheese

Amrican Cadillac Icon PSD

Cadillac might be an American icon, but if we’re going to ship one Down Under for a photo shoot, take a Sawzall to it. I’m not paying all that damn shipping. Oh, and get one of those emus as a model. You know the ones with long hair and always cutting on themselves. That’s what’s in these days. It will look brilliant.

Thanks Cameron.


Victoria’s Secret: Easy Way For A Flat Stomach

Victoria's Secret PSD
Does your top lingerie model have a hideous beer gut? You need BeerGutFilter 2.0! Replace her ugly bloaty paunch with one of our massive selection of over four guaranteed flat stomachs! Super flat tummies! No more stupid Art Director making you do it again! Perfect for every situation! Order now and get TitBlur 2000 FREE!

Props to Jordan!

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