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Jason Dawson presents: The Kardashians (or something similar)

Usually we ask “what here was photoshopped poorly?” Today we ask, what wasn’t?

Photoshop Disasters

From the sloppy cut-outs, Kim’s pasted-on breasts, and the inclusion of that third sister no one really likes, there are a lot of problems present. First and most pressing issue: I still have no idea who the Kardashians are or why they’re famous. From what I’ve gleaned from this picture, they seem to be three artificial and out of place women who enjoy standing on oil slicks in front of fresh plaster.

Thanks to the dozens who sent this in! You can see the original on the Daily Mail site.

Daily Mail: Seychelles Game

Daily inspections of your very own island go much quicker with the help of your very own hoverboard.

There’s absolutely no excuse for this PSD other than the editor of The Mail wanted a different background than what was in the photo from which Mr. Grimshaw was lifted.  One can only guess as to why the GA could not even be bothered to clone stamp the surrounding sand underneath him.  Must have been late for a soccer brawl.

Kudos to David for the find. You can see the original on the Daily Mail site. View PSD

Daily Mail: iPhony

I don’t wanna play Peek-a-boo.  I wanna play Angry Birds!

Either somebody came up with an app that turns the iPhone into a holographic baby monitor, or somebody requires some remedial training in relative scale.  And while it’s quite possible that either a miniature infant or a jumbo smartphone was the intent of this graphic, the execution of the cut-and-paste job is the actual disaster here.  I believe the word is “sloppy.”

Thanks Lorzzzzz.  You can see the original on the DailyMail site.

Daily Mail: Twin Trouble

Gerard had little trouble infiltrating the fashion show in his “photographer” disguise, and with the aid of his ultra-high tech hologram projector, (cleverly disguised as a camera), he was able to place himself right next to the ultimate object of his desire: the fetching and enigmatic Simone Dubois!

This isn’t just an oversight.  Real effort went into this disaster, for not only did the GA have to clone the photographer, but also had to flip him into a mirror image.  If the photo were framed larger, I have no doubt we’d find the same guy laying on the runway, getting even a third imaginary angle of this lackluster design.

Thanks to the dozens of people who sent this in. You can see the original on the Daily Mail site.

View PSD

Daily Mail: Double Double Dig Dig

double person

British tabloid journalists are well known for their excessive drinking habits, but this binge even has the readers seeing double.

Thanks John. You can see the original here. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery. 

Thats what happens when u take a picture of someone moving very fast. Have you never seen Star Trek??? By Leandro
Finbarr introduced his help as “This is my brother Daryll and this is my other brother Daryll. They’re very close.”  By Waldobaby

Getty Images: Simple As Cmd-V

Getty Images PSD
If you’re going to fraudulently comp images together and claim they show Jacko rehearsing just before he popped his clogs, you might want to remember the islands in your cutout.

Thanks to Ron! Original is here!

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