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Urban Outfitters: Before or After, The Choice Is Yours

It sure was nice of Urban Outfitters to let us choose which bikini bod we like better, the edited version:


Or the original (not weirdly dented) version:


Whoa, that was a close one.  She almost looked like a normal thin model, for a second! You can see all the pics here.  It’s kind of fun to click between the two images and watch her hip dent appear and disappear. Just good clean family fun.

Thanks for sending this in, Brittany!

Victoria: By Victoria’s Secret

A minute amount of perfume should be applied on the wrists, but you may need a bit more to accommodate the two-feet of raw muscle that make up a lady’s dainty neck.

Photoshop Disasters

I know I should keep my criticisms in the realm of Photoshop disasters, but let’s all take a moment to appreciate the original naming scheme Victoria’s Secret’s marketing department managed. They’re likely the same people who decided to transplant a weightlifter’s neckline onto this model.

Thanks Rafael. You can see the original on the VS site. Tight fit

A bride will often shed a few pounds to fit into her wedding dress, but rarely do they go this far to tighten their waistline.

Photoshop Disasters

Remember ladies, a lot of dresses have a train that follows the bride as she walks down the aisle. The use of stilts to make the dress fall evenly to the floor is discouraged. It’s also hilariously dangerous – which are the two adjectives that I hope describe my special day.

Thanks Lee. You can see the original on InWeddingDress.

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