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The Heat: Turn it Down

Figures a movie called “The Heat” has melted their leading ladies’ features right off.

Photoshop Disasters

Melissa McCarthy might be a bit overweight, but you don’t start (and then stop) at the top when you photoshop the pounds away – this poster makes her head look like a pea on top of a potato. The other version of this poster features a more artful job and the correct version of McCarthy’s head atop her shoulders.

Thanks to everyone who has sent this in!

Howard Stern: Happy 20th to Me

Mitch Hedburg once said that every picture of you is a picture of when you were younger, but somehow Howard Stern managed to shave a couple decades off with this one.

Photoshop Disasters

His too-enthusiastic accomplice also seems to lack any laugh lines or wrinkle that usually accommodate human faces. Instead, we’re treated to two flesh-coloured pieces of plastic. I don’t know who Robin is, if I got a birthday greeting accompanied by those unfeeling expressions, I would be thoroughly put-off.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in. Beth Stern originally tweeted this on her twitter.

Update: Turns out Howard Stern tweeted another version of the pic and seems to have gotten a bit of a neck job done – Thanks Ashley!

Photoshop Disaster


“The Real Mark Wahlberg”?!  Who knew all those years of aging was actually just caked on layers of ego.

Photoshop Disaster

Not sure this is a PSD.  Rumor has it that Wahlberg has been cast to play the starring role in next year’s sequel to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which follows the story of an over-the-hill porn star who quits his tribute band to take one last shot at playing pro football. But to pay his way to the tryout, he takes a temporary job on a crab boat, where he gets sucked into a time vortex caused by a hundred-year storm and finds himself stranded thousands of years in the future in a world populated by boy bands.  Co-stars Will Ferrell as “Nick Zaius.”

Thanks Martin for the great find! You can see the original in the July/August 2012 edition of Men’s Fitness.

Whitney: I Don’t Know Her So Well

Whitney PSD
In the heartbreaking competition to be the saddest aspect of this whole thing, the imbecilic idea that female vocalists should always look like supermodels slightly edges out the profoundly tragic likelihood that Whitney believes this is a plausible representation of herself. In third place: the body’s real owner probably has this in her portfolio.

Edit: Yes, it’s a hoax.

Thanks to Jake! More discussion here.

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