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Amazon: Cesspool Of Failure

Since the product description says this tub o’ enzymes is a whopping 45 pounds, it’s clear that this lady is just really, really strong.  How else could this whole thing work?



I also like her oddly windswept hair.  Nice touch.

Thanks, Kim!  You can see this masterpiece online here.

Men’s Skin: Stomach Solutions

Rarely does Photoshop allow companies to make their claims more authentic, but if you’re going to get solid abs without a sweat, this is the way to do it.

Photoshop Disasters

For a mere ~$500 USD, you can maximize your body’s full potential. Utilizing time-proven and single-minded techniques as the burn tool, the liquefy tool, and the revered copy and paste function, you can have the kind of body that would grace the Vaseline-smeared cover of a romance novel.

Nice catch Min.

Rea: Synoptik: Eye on You

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man looks super fly in his Ray Bans.

Photoshop Disasters

Can you believe I got these sunglasses half-off? This is a decent photoshop (technically speaking), but it’s also an inexplicable one. If this was a 50% sale I could see the logic. Otherwise, Rea is just limiting their audience to the Cyclops community.

Thanks Sanna. The original was found in Stockholm, Sweden.

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