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Microsoft Poland: At Least They Left The Asian Guy In

It looks as though you’re localizing some marketing images.

Would you like to:

  • Use the original American images?
  • Hire a local photographer?
  • Clumsily get rid of the black guy?

Microsoft Poland PSD

Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Discussion on reddit is here!

Reader Captions:

Yeah, I agree with Kevin, the first thing I noticed was the macbook in a Microsoft ad! that’s hilarious. by Chad

omg, his neck, it’s broken, why is no one calling for help???
But even photoshop disasters aside, a *Mac* is in the middle of the photos and the Windows monitor isn’t even plugged in.
Looks like this was a stock photo very awkwardly pieced together. by Rai

US Military: Your Tax Dollars At Work

US Military PSD
It isn’t often that we feature the US military-industrial complex on PsD, not least because it has the web deployment skills of a meringue.

Regardless, somewhere, deep in the bowels of this [Warning: criminally defective] site, lies this beautiful example of retro-tokenism.

Props to Z. Happy holidays everyone.

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