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Neuro: Rubbery Flesh – Mmmm

Top marks for anyone who can find anything right with this image.

In order of disturbing:

  1. Crotch/thigh shadow drawing the eye from…
  2. Lack of head…and
  3. Lack of nipples
  4. Water? Really?
  5. Is it me or are those thighs unusually long….

Thanks Geoff for the great submission. The original was found here.

….Seems to be a scar of some sort under her left breast (maybe she served in Iraq?lol),and her right legs seems to have more mass then her left leg.
…And yes her breasts do look as if they are flattened out some……  By Joe

Coca Cola: “Things” Go Better With Coke

hand job

Coca Cola breaks into the mutant horror genre with their poster boy Phil “Snatch” Williams, the plucky lad with the hand growing from his chest.

Thanks Dejan! If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery to see the marked up version.

What a great ad starring this non-famous guy and and Thing from The Addams Family!  By Gabriela

Not only is that bad but it’s badly done done bad with extra badness – shows what happens with sugar substitutes. By David

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