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NoMoreRack: Throw in the towel

If you’ve ever wondered how some companies can afford the savings they offer on Groupon, I suspect there may have been some downsizing in the Photoshop department.

Photoshop Disasters

How this happened is obvious. A well-meaning art director saw he had a disaster on his hands and instructed the designer to throw in the towel. The designer, a short-sighted and literal fellow, did just that.

Thanks Claire. You can see the original on No More Rack.

Glamour: Let Your Hair Down

I had to look top to bottom on this submission to figure out where the disaster was. Then I realized I spent a full minute going up the neck.

Photoshop Disasters

Besides seeing the highest anyone has ever held their head, can we get a reader consensus on what is going on with the right side of the model’s face? Asymmetrical, warped page, or mid-stroke? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks Stephanie. You can see the original in the Feb 2013 edition of Glamour.

CEPOV: Guaranteed To See Further

Look!! A Labra-Llama!!

Thanks Fernando for the photo and caption. Can be found in an eye-veterinary clinic on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Reader Captions: 

Note the tail of the dog, and the long fur on the side and the entire length of the neck.  It is not a “labra-llama” it is a “golden llama retriever.” by Persnickityknowitall

For those who didn’t get it: the dog had 2 pics: standing and sit. The art director conjoined both of them into a same picture. Its like a dog-centaur. Anyone who has a dog can get it easily.  by Cezinha 

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