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Lay’s: More than just hot air

Considering Lay’s is trying to push their wavy line of chips, it’s funny that their focus was on porcelain smooth skin and confusingly curly hair.

Photoshop Disasters

To enhance your hair’s natural curls, simply shower, twist and pin strands of your hair, and open Photoshop. For best results, pose with bags of hot air that sometimes contain chips.

Thanks Anetta. The original is running for an ad running for Lay’s in Estonia.


Olenka’s first gig as a fashion model in Warsaw was nowhere near as glamorous as she’d imagined it would be.

Why does a translation dictionary need a photo on the cover?  Who does that?!  Well, whoever you are, I’m betting that’s your girlfriend, so I hope the reward she gave you for making her “famous” was worth all the ridicule we’re giving you now.

Thanks Erin for the great find. View PSD

L’Oreal:Big hair

“More hair – it’s a damn hair advert!”
“How about this?”
“No! More dammit..I wanna to see scalp, I wanna smell that goddam hair from here!”

Thanks Brian. The original was found in a Target store. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery for the marked up version.

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