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Grilleimer: Bin it

A clear cut and paste. The grill used to be surrounded by people enjoying themselves, but the company didn’t want to oversell anything.

Photoshop Disasters

I enjoy contrasting the disasters from Germany  with the disasters from the rest of the world. Most disasters try to add a glossy sheen or inject sex appeal. Not Germany, though; like the sans-serif font the box uses, it’s as if they didn’t want to come across as too excitable, so they added some food and a lawn to let you know that this is just a bit more than your typical bucket.

Thanks Eltje.

Calcu: That’s Some Bull Right There

There are a lot of little things wrong with this one, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a bottle of wine bigger than a tennis racket.

Photoshop Disasters

The marketing department behind this has taken the shotgun approach with the cut-and-paste tool. It’s a sort of white person wish list – unstylish hat, beach sports, and a bottle of rosé with a minimal-yet-tasteful label.

Nice catch Bruno. You can see the original on their Facebook page.

Buying Houses: Get a Grip

Germans haven’t overreached like this since they tried to invade Russia in World War II.

Photoshop Disasters

No part of this sign-holding makes sense. His right wrist can bend backwards, and his left arm is longer than is logical. Bonus points for obscuring the hips with that sign and making the couple look like they’re devolving into a denim octopus.

Thanks Norman. You can see the original on immobilienscout24.

SOLO: Can’t Handle This

I find a key function of high-performance messenger bags is to have a handle that’s attached to the bag.

Photoshop Disasters

I can understand how this happened – there was a hand holding the bag, and instead of paying The Thing’s exorbitant modelling fees, SOLO decided to simply cut that five-fingered diva out. Not sure what happened to the chunk of the bag missing on the left though.

Thanks Candice. You can see the original on Ebay.

Katy Perry: Picture This Pop Song

For once, the photoshop industry has decided to ignore Katy Perry’s generous cleavage to highlight her two left hands.

Photoshop Disasters

Okay, obvious questions first – who is *SKEET*, does he (?) realize what his name means, and why are people singing Perry lyrics via emoticons in an IM conversation titled “Mom’s Home?”

Sometimes these terrible photoshops make us lose sight of terrible marketing. I consider it my duty to remind you that everything is pretty terrible. Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!

Thanks Cheri. You can see the original on HollywoodReporter.

Fit and Photoshopped

The only way this photoshop is acceptable is if they’re advertising some sort of two-for-one gym membership deal.

Photoshop Disasters

How could you confuse me with my twin sister on the stair master? Her sleeves are literally an inch longer! God! Look, we’ll finish talking about this by the stretched out picture of the shirtless man. No, the other stretched out picture of the shirtless man.

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