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QUIZ: Iris v Arnim

If you view this submission from the right angle, the sweater seems to be hanging on nothing at all.

Photoshop Disasters

What say you, readers? Is this another instance of a photoshopper whittling a model down to skin and cheek bones, or are my realistic expectations regarding the female form skewing my perspective?

Thanks Sylvain. The photo is supposed to be off Kristen Stewart and you can see the original here.

Don’t Resist: A Three-Parter

For only one-and-a-half Euros, you too can be the subject of a confusing Photoshop disaster.

Photoshop disasters

This disaster was submitted without any indication of what it’s actually trying to sell. My French can pick out something at the bottom that suggests “for your health…” but where the statement goes from there is likely a warning against dismemberment – though “trop sucre” in the bottom right means too much sugar, so I guess it’s warning against dismemberment and diabetes?

Let’s hear what you think this disaster is trying to accomplish.

Thanks Phil.

Moonrise Kingdom: Double Time

I’ve always felt more films could benefit from having Edward Norton appear in them, but I’m not sure if he should appear in duplicate.

Photoshop Disasters

You have to look closely to catch this one to see the double Norton goodness. To benefit from the full Wes Anderson effect, put on some classic British rock and ask yourself what this disaster’s poignant portrayal of a flawed character says about the human condition and a state of loneliness despite duplicity.

Thanks Philipp. You can see the original DVD cover on Amazon.

Forever 21: Shorts by the numbers: Painted on Perfect

Nothing gives a realistic idea of how clothes look like a two-dimensional cut and paste.

Photoshop Disasters

There’s no fit quite like a painted on pair of shorts. Granted, as someone who struggles to fit into my booty shorts, sometimes painting them on is the only option.

Thanks Sinead. The original can be found on Forever21.

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