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Pace Yourself: Bad Breath(alyzer)

The first sign your intoxicated shouldn’t be the blood alcohol content readout on your phone, it should be the mangled approximation of a hand holding your phone.

Photoshop Disasters

My phone has the ability to tell me when I’m drunk and I don’t even need a periphery device. Sometime around my fifth serving of alcohol, my cell sends a series of erratic and increasingly grammatically incorrect texts to everyone on my contact list.

Thanks for the find Ebua. You can see the original on UnCrate.

Mabel: Maybe Not

Doughy, vanilla-brown, gender-neutral; these are just a few adjectives that describe both the model and the oversized platter of goodies they’re carrying.

Photoshop Disasters

My favourite thing about this shop is that, with the exception of the smartphones and the two bedroom cat-dwelling, that’s pretty much the size and contents of most of the dinner plates around my house. Well, admittedly, I don’t have a CGI version of Thing T. Thing running around either.

Thanks Thiago. The original can be found on the Mabel.

Nail Art: Sausage Fingers

I’m not sure why these fingernail designs are being shown off on a bunch of hotdogs.

Photoshop Disasters

It’s a sad day for hand models when joints and knuckles are deemed unseemly. The only thing the industry sees as worse is a right hand.

Nice find Vanessa! You can see the original on Grazia.

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