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Victoria’s Secret: Show that Shoulder Off

Bikinis show off certain assets, but with shoulders like those, it may be in this model’s best interest to not go strapless next time.

Photoshop DIsasters

Pulling back your shoulders can be an excellent way to make your chest appear bigger. Be careful though; pull them back too far and part of your shoulder is likely to fall off.

Thanks everyone for sending this into us! You can see the original on the Victoria’s Secret site.

PETA Latino: No Thigh Meat

I understand the logic of PETA’s former campaign, “I’d rather wear nothing than wear fur,” but this one has me at a bit of a loss.

Photoshop Disasters

If PETA had things their way, the world be overrun with giant vegetables and attractive, one-legged models. I always suspected that people were below animals in their pecking order, but I thought we would still be a tier above a perfectly crafted head of blown-up broccoli.

Great find Tom. You can see the original on the WorkThatMatters site.

Totino’s: Melted and Cheesy

Pizza Rolls are a fun-time snack that fit in anyone’s hand, be they child, adult, or struggling with a deformed set of digits.

Photoshop Disasters

Totino’s pizza products can be baked or microwaved, but they really recommend you bake them. The crust will be crisper, the heat dispersed more evenly, and repeated exposure to a typical oven doesn’t result in your fingers resembling the burnt cheese that comes out of the microwave.

Thanks Ethan. You can see the original on the Totino’s Facebook page.