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Insert clever headline: A case of blue boxes

A good photoshop is like a sculpture; it’s as much about what you keep in and what you take away for [REMOVE THIS LEAD AND REPLACE WITH CLEVER REMARK].

Photoshop Disasters

Photoshop disasters like this one always remind me of [insert clever metaphor], with their [insert contextually relevant observation] and inability to [insert basic Photoshop skill]. Seeing the template of for something as simple as a supermarket advertisement can make the creator just seem [insert reprimanding remark].

Thanks Marco.

A16: Dangling Participle

While rock-climbing, hazardous cloning endangers falling. (*Some intentional grammatical errors included.)

Thanks Josh. You can find the original at your local A16 store.

Reader Captions:

No PSD…  She is starting to fall through a worm hole and in a couple seconds she will be completely gone.  by Kleenex

Sandra’s attempt to escape the rip in the space/time continuum wasn’t looking good. By MrRocking

Dysplasia — It’s what’s Hip.

Magazine PSD

We already spent a fortune having one of these foo-foo graphic designer people to cut and paste oranges, flowers, and trees, get this done. I mean can you believe paying $15 an hour? What a ripoff! Now the magazine says we have to cover her up some more. Hey I got an idea. Jimmy, you got a pair of scissors and that other photo we took?

Thanks Chris and everyone else who sent this in. You can see the original here.

Maxim: The Pond Of Implausibility

Maxim PSD
You have to admire the spirit. Maxim could have just bottled out and run the original image. But they had ambition. They saw the bigger picture and made something guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

True, it stands out because it is hopelessly crap, but it does stand out.

Thanks to Yoka, Camille, Katy, Nick, edo, Jody and everyone else who sent this in! Bigger version here!