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Babywalz: Amputee Alien

“Perhaps a tiny cup of tea will take my mind off of how terrifying I look in this ad.”



It’s hard enough being a pregnant model without having them mess with you like this, amirite, ladies?  This image is a complete wreck, from the tip of her blurry head to that navel-less baby bump.  The shoulder stump and bizarre webbing between her right arm and torso are a nice touch, too.

Thanks, Meena!  This photo appears online here.

Pier Luigi Bersani for Prime Minister

Politics and Photoshop never go well together.

Photoshop Disasters

If you’re going to run for Prime Minister against the owner of the largest media company in Italy, you may want to make sure you have an unassailable message to the public. And come on Bersani; your opponent has been caught for tax evasion and is standing trial for prostituting an underage girl. How are you standing there with a cheap cut-out and 55% of the popular vote?

Thanks Marco. 

Ann Summers: Ken Doll Version 2.0

That man-kini seems to simply hang from the shoulders. All it will take is one gust of wind to reveal… um… absolutely nothing.

Photoshop Disasters

With a knee-melting smile like that, what he looks like with his shirt off is the cherry on top. What he looks like without his pants on is the unexpected realization that you are getting a single cherry. But at least it’s seedless.

Thanks Catherine. You can see the original on the Ann Summers site.

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