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WOLF: Nature is Big With Kids

I dread finding out how big the bears in this forest are.

Photoshop Disasters

The only implication scarier than the forest life that dwarfs these children is their camping setup. There are three professionally put-up tents and three children, two of whom appear to be fishing in the reeds outside a body of water. The last child seems to be doing some sort of combat pose.

These kids are hardcore, is what I’m saying.

Thanks Betty. You can see the original on Wolf.

Vacation Desination: Land of Little Giants

I question vacation destinations that photoshop people having fun.

Photoshop Disasters

Confession: the first disaster I noticed about this picture was that the rope wasn’t properly secured to those two trees. I eventually came to realize that strangely proportioned toddlers had bigger problems.

Thanks Daniel. The original was found in France.

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