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Target: Beware Of Sharp Edges

According to Target, this is a new style of bathing suit called a “Midkini.”  It’s cute, right?  Perfect for concealing those jagged, protruding flesh fragments in your armpit.


We won’t even get into what’s happening below the belt.  This is a family site, after all.

Thanks, MP!  The original can be found here.

Staudigl Druck: Bogus Bengal

“Trust me on zis,” Siegfried told his partner Roy. “No woman on zeh planet could run very fast in zees boots, und neither will Montecore.”

Here again we have that tried-and-true recipe for failure of mixing 2D with 3D layers.  Add to that the obvious inability of this GA to wrap his/her head around the concept of logical layer stacking order, and voila!  A PSD is born!

Thanks Jerry.


Commissioned by Pope Benedict XVI, the ‘Vati-Cam’ comes in an all-white body with matching strap, and an extra-large lens for peering into the bedrooms of suspected apostates.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that a GA who assumed we’d be fooled by such an obvious scale gaffe would also assume we would not notice an oval-shaped lens, either.  Note how this oversized lens partially covers both the flash lens and lens release button. That, plus the lack of drop shadow against the white body, are dead giveaways.
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Thanks to everyone who sent this in!  You can see the original on Engadget

Woodbridge Wine: Vintage Failure

This Cabernet from the Mondavi family boasts a complex, fruity bouquet and a sassy hint of spice, but must be consumed within just a few hours of uncorking as it tends to flatten rather quickly.

This is just plain stupid.  Everything in this billboard ad is three-dimensional looking except for the bottle and the text.  And what the heck is going on behind the bottle anyway?  Either the sun is going nova or our forces have just changed status to DEFCON ONE.

Thanks Melanie!

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