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Fressnapf: Beware of Two-Legged Dog

You’ve got to hand it to old Rover here for still practicing agility, in spite of his disability.  (No, seriously, please hand the ball to Rover. He needs help.)

2-legged dog

Okay, you could argue that his other legs are just hidden behind the legs in the foreground.  You could.  But you shouldn’t.

Thanks for sending this in, Christoph!

Nipplegate: Only In Florida

Thanks to JR for this link on the Florida WWE nipplegate drama. Apparently Florida law prohibits pictures of nipples in public, with the law possibly being taken too literally in this case.

The big winner in blog coverage was sociological images, a clever parody of 1970s feminist windbaggery serious academic explanation of why deleting or showing nipples is either bad or good.

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