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Arnold Schwarzenegger: This won’t stand

My name is Johnny Knoxville and I’m easily replaceable in Eastern European countries.

Photoshop Disasters

Jackass star Knoxville may not be as popular on every continent as he is in North America, so replacing him with someone with more appeal to these countries is excusable. Obviously, the next closest thing to Knoxville and his devil-may-care grin is actress Jaimie Alexander looking mildly perplexed by the former governor with the chain-gun.

Thanks Max for the find!

AT&T: Whoops

Something tells me that in this image in an AT&T mailer the grass was darkened and that the whole right side of the image has been extended and that the whole image has been flopped. I don’t know how I can tell, I guess I’m just psychic.

Thanks to Gadi!