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Not a PSD. Juan here is the vanguard of the next step in human evolution. The upper navel is his natural belly button. The lower is a USB 3.0 port.

Belly button

I’m guessing in this case, the culprit GA was too lost in El Dreamio’s eyes to notice the cloned second navel. And dig that curl of hair on his forehead. I’m thinking Latino Superman! Then he could just explain away the dual navels as being natural to Kryptonians.

Thanks Nicolás. The original was found in a magazine called TV & Novelas from Colombia.

Der Marathon Mann: Faulty Footwork

Commerzbank CEO Martin Blessing pauses his discussion of the weakening Euro to answer a question regarding his recent bungee jumping mishap.

This is no German banker. This is Sideshow Bob come to life! Either that, or somebody planted his Testonis a smidge too close to a moving steamroller. If you work for this guy, don’t cross him, or he’ll be sure to give you Das Boot!

Thanks Jona. The original was found in the German newspaper “Berliner Tagesspiegel” and features the chairman of the Commerzbank. View PSD

John Lewis: Skills On Strike

Seems like John Lewis is a little confused as to when they should and shouldn’t use Photoshop.
Have we missed any disasters here? I currently see 1 instance where they failed using Photoshop and 2 where they should have used it. Should those red chairs be there or did they forget to Photoshop them out?

Thanks Rob for the great find. You can see the original on the John Lewis site. View PSD

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