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Cycling Wellington: PATH-ETIC

Upcoming games to be released this year include “Cyclist Tycoon 4,” which allows gamers to place bike paths in photo-realistic locations across the globe while computer-generated “sim-cyclists” traverse your creations with enthusiastic abandon.  Don’t forget to place restrooms and bike stands at regular intervals!

Zoom in close on this beauty and you’ll be treated with all manner of PSD goodness!  Who loves the gigantic kid riding point for this entire group?  I DO! I DO!

Thanks Ben. You can see the original on the Cycling Wellington site.

Gran Canaria: Size Matters

The staff at the Mildendo Grand Hyatt in Lilliput was friendly and cheerful by nature.  It was only during Spring Break when the ancestors of Gulliver descended upon them in droves that both patience and plumbing were pushed to the limit.

Sweet!  These are the sorts of PSD’s we all live for! I feel like a kid set loose in a candy store.  What cries out for cynical mocking more: The ‘splash’ effects that defy all known laws of physics, or perhaps the amateurish cut-n-paste jobs absent any shadows whatsoever?  And what is that red glob where the woman’s hand meets pool water, a reaction to urine?

Thanks Margi. You can see the original on the Las Faluas site.

BMW: We Don’t Need No Damn Perspective

BMW’s new range of micro cars haven’t been a great success as they haven’t found anyone small enough to drive them.

Thanks Jeremy. You can see the original here. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our marked up image.

Reader Captions:

Not a PSD. As anyone German knows, BMW is an abbreviation for “Bayerische microscopische Wagen”, which reflects their origin as a family company manufacturing toy cars in the Bavarian mountains.  By Rob

Raiffeisen: Golden Gate Enigma

golden gate

Magical Mystery Tours present the “Golden Gate Special”; includes the famous “Moving Bridge Conundrum”.

Thanks NightStallion. The original can be found in the current issue of Profil magazine. If you can’t see the PSD, please check out our red image gallery.

There’s an app for that. By Commie
My girlfriend can… *damned! Got no girlfriend!*  By Martin

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