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I’m delighted to announce that we’ve just released our first e-book and it’s completely free for all newsletter subscribers. The book offers information and insight on the industry, a short history of altering photos, interviews, and top disasters from the past few years. Regardless of your field or level of experience, you’ll likely find something of value inside. And if not – well hey, it’s free.

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PSD Daily: Ghastly Politics

Hey Photoshop fans, tell us what is – and isn’t – working in this video. Would you like to see more? Would you prefer a better looking host? Let’s hear your thoughts! If we were to do this again, it would like be about a minute shorter and with a far sexier wall in the background. Beyond that though, we want to hear from you!

Sharing/Liking this post are other whys for us to determine whether we should create this type of content in the future.

Big thanks to the following for putting this together , Bryce Bladon (creator) , Gregory Brown (camera & sound), TGK Films (equipment), David Greene (sound design). 

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