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Goodbye: A Farewell Message


After nine years and countless Photoshop disasters, we are closing our virtual doors. We’d like to thank all of our fans for sending us such fantastic Photoshop fails over the years, and for keeping us laughing with your comments.

So long, and thanks for all the clicks!

All the best,

The Photoshop Disasters Team

PSD: Windows Sidebar Gadget

You can now download the Windows 7 & Windows Vista PSD gadget by clicking here.

The gadget is free to download and includes the following features:

  1.  Pulls the latest PSD each day
  2.  Allows you to browse 10 previous PSD posts
  3.  Updates the comments every 10 minutes to tell you how many comments a post has


Don’t forget to leave a review :)

PSD Update: Our New Writers

I would like to introduce our new writers (Morgan and Mark) to the PSD community. Both have been creating witty content for the last two weeks now. These guys are paramount in making the website that little bit more entertaining. You can read their bios below.

Morgan Feldon
When not thinking up witty titles and neurotic monologues for the latest PSD, Morgan Feldon is the administrator of several forum communities and author of two news and commentary sites. He was an avid reader of PSD for years, and holds a great respect for the unique formula that has turned art department foul-ups into laugh-out-loud social commentary. Writing inspiration comes from the likes of Aaron Sorkin, Bryan Fuller, Joss Whedon, Ed Bye and Grant Naylor (Red Dwarf), Monty Python, and anyone else who puts a humorous spin on even the darkest subject matter.

Mark Base
Mark Base is a British-Canadian freelance copywriter and editor currently based in Malmö, Sweden. He’s met many fine fellow foreign friends through writing his blog, Helsingbloggin’ Malmö, which he currently neglects in earnest (the blog, not the friends). Mark works mainly with internal communication and external marketing for large global companies based in Sweden, and has written many famous literary works, such as War and Peace, Lady Chatterly’s Lover, Harry Potter Goes Hawaiian, and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. His main influences are Sid Vicious, The Spice Girls, Oprah Winfrey, Genghis Khan, and the letter R.

PSD Update

Dear Readers of Photoshop Disasters,
As some of the more astute amongst you may have noticed, Photoshop Disasters has recently changed ownership. As with any transition, there have been some changes. For instance, many of you wanted fewer unprompted insults leveled at the homeschooled; that has been achieved. We should be proud of this.
Anyway, please give the new guy a chance.
With love,
Eddie Con Carne (Cosmo7)
The Future
I wanted to thank Cosmo (Eddie) for all the work he has done to the blog over the years and wish him all the best. I have been reading and working with Eddie for the last few weeks to try and make the transition as smooth as possible.
I’m not planning any radical changes to PSD; starting Monday we should have our team in place and be back to producing great content next week.
If you have any questions or comments feel free to send an email to me ( info [@] ).
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