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Vote: Victoria’s Secret Cleavage Fail?

I wasn’t sure 100% about this one, but then we received this image from so many of our readers that we decided to put it to you for a final verdict. Behold, what one PsD reader referred to as “a vagina boob.


What do you think, is there something weird going on in the depths of this model’s cleavage, or is everything A-OK?  Vote below!

This cleavage is:

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Thanks to Josh and everyone else who sent this in.

Disaster Or Not: Elizabeth Olsen’s Weird Fingers

Is she double-jointed, or did someone screw up this promotional picture for Avengers: Age of Ultron?  Check out Elizabeth Olsen’s fingers.



I couldn’t find a high res image, but when you zoom in on this pic, something doesn’t look right:



This image appears online here.  Thanks to Rie for pointing it out to us.

Disaster or not?  Vote in the comments!

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