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Marcel: Hands to Hold You Up

A good friend is there to lend a hand, but a great friend gives you both hands and the extra appendage they had handy.

Photoshop Disasters

The girl on the right seems to have the extra arm coming out of her shoulder, but in addition to that disaster, her left hand seems stunted. If you can’t have two functioning limbs, you might as well have three less-than-ideal ones.

Thanks Madeos Images. The original was taken down but can still be found on their servers, found here.

PhillyBurbs: Intense defence

Number 16 is playing with an injured finger, which would be a lot more impressive if she didn’t have fourteen others to fall back on.

Photoshop Disasters

Like opinions on mixing genders in sports, some athletes are starting to evolve. She’s great at blocking, but her serving form is a real mess. It’s like she can’t tell her right arm from her slightly less right arm.

Thanks Richard. You can see the original on PhillyBurbs and apperantly this image was on the JayLeno show as well.

Virgin Radio: Handsy Fellas

There’s nothing wrong with a pair of guys getting handsy.

Photoshop Disasters

The poster next to the men sums up my thoughts on this disaster. Either the bearded gentleman has some tantric skills, or someone got sloppy in the editing room.  What troubles me is that the effort to Photoshop this must be equal to removing that inexplicable hand on hip.

Thanks NotLikeNormalPeople. You can see the original on the Jezebel site.

Co-Op: Employee of the Month

The employee of the month competition became unfair when three-armed grocers were allowed to compete for the coveted title.

Photoshop Disasters

Stocking efficiency  aside, this is one of the more useless superpowers to be cursed with. Tailoring all those shirts and work uniforms to accommodate the extra limb and you still don’t get to wear a cape to work? Bogus stuff.

Thanks George. The original can be found in the Yellowknife Co-op’s January newsletter.

Quebec: Two and a quarter kids

The province of Quebec claims that they want to support families, but what are they doing to help little Susie with her teleporting foot?

Photoshop Disasters

Photos of families that playfully pile on top of each other always confuse me – mostly because my dad had a strict ‘no touching’ and ‘no eye contact’ rule – but my friends assure me that only in the most extreme circumstances does a limb become detached and lost in the tangle. I hope the accountants behind the budget are a bit more eagle-eyed in their review of the budget.

Thanks Sylvain.

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