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Elle: LOL

Emma Watson has managed to avoid most of the pitfalls that come with being a child star, but when her parents told her she couldn’t get her ear pierced more than once, she acted out in her own way.

Photoshop Disasters

This article has “it’s all in the details” as its headline, which makes this disaster extra poignant. The best part is that Watson doesn’t seem to be wearing an earring in her right ear, so when someone in Elle’s Photoshop department was told to add one – well, this is when knowing the difference between stage left and stage right is important.

Thanks for the find Kasadey. You can see the original on Elle.

FOX Sports: Ban-aid

Rousimar Palhares has been banned from the UFC for excessive use of the heel hook, but this picture makes it look like he didn’t really have any other options.

Photoshop Disasters

FOX is known for their creative reporting, and I assume that this picture isn’t supposed to be taken literally, but I’m not clear on where there’s an odd number of legs, nor why one thigh is clearly not attached to anything. I’m also confused as to why a journalistic source didn’t use an untouched picture. Say, of the match in question.

FOX: We don’t get it, and neither will you.

Thanks Kendra. You can see the original on MSN. Hold me

You have to give a hand to the tabloids, sometimes they just add stuff to stories for the heck of it.

Photoshop Disasters

This German tabloid is reporting on a farmer who let pigs rot in his attic, which is terrible and/or it’s the international competition for Storage Wars. In either case, the three-armed man made handcuffs a touch tricky when police finally got a hold of him.

Thanks Hans! You could have seen the original on Bild but they recently changed the image.

Sexy Avenue: Someone’s been bad

Santa better strong-arm the gifts and photoshop some coal into someone’s stocking next year.

Photoshop Disasters

Why is a giant, detached hand holding a stopwatch that promises naughty gifts for you to enjoy? How did someone French AND marketing for a sex shop (two intrinsically sultry things) feel they needed to embellish on a (already two-handed) model with a sext in a timer?

Thanks Laura. You can see the original on Sexy Avenue.

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