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Jackson Sun: Photo Bombastic

Sensitive to recent criticism that their group was neither family friendly nor racially diverse, the People’s Militia of Flathead County found Photoshop to be a godsend in alleviating their public relations nightmare.

It’s pretty clear the dad with two kids is a cut-and-paste job.  I personally think the black gentleman on the left was also a last-minute addition.  The reason they were added in to the original group is anyone’s guess.  I almost let the shovels inspire my imagination towards more nefarious speculations, but I’ll leave that angle for others to play with.

Thanks Bradley. You can see the original on the Jackson Sun website.

Tchibo: Models Wanted. No Flatties.

Look.  When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time at the roller rink doing the Hokey Pokey.  I know me some Hokey Pokey, and trust me, this is not the Hokey Pokey.  This is not what it’s all about!

When applying for a position as a graphics artist, it’s important to highlight those skills at which one is most proficient.  Otto’s resume featured his previous position at a catalog publisher, where he worked primarily with text, before moving on to become an apprentice animator for TV’s South Park, where he somehow got it burned into his brain that the First Commandment of Graphics is: Thou Shalt Apply Drop Shadow to All Layers.

Beyond that, Otto is just an average guy who puts his pants on one leg at a… er… oh, my.

Thanks Anna. You can see the original on the Tchibo site.

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Dressing Paula: Leg Alas!

Some girls just can’t seem to keep their legs together.

Thanks Kok Kee for taking a snap of this and sending it into us. We deemed the last PSD (La Vision) as not a PSD after some good detective work from Spillage.

Reader Captions:

We are all wondering what is going on underneath that skirt! by Cropper

If we leave aside the anatomical train wreck for a moment, what is that going on to the left of her disjointed leg? It seems like there is a trap door that you need a key to open, but if you do it will pass right through her jacket and skirt.  And are those black rectangles some sort of operating instructions? by Old Geezer

Babymoov: Stoolie

Never ever leave your baby unattended in the bath. If you must pop out to the shop then use our revolutionary new product – Stool-Moms™ – baby will never notice you are gone!

 Thanks Claire! You can see the original on the pixmaia site.

Reader Captions:

Can somebody, one of you pros or someone,  post a copy of this picture with the PSD circled? Red is good. This thing is driving me nuts. Is it the double ended dildo? By Waldobaby
Every one assumes that the arm was linked to a mom. Maybe it was a dad arm… by Leif

Subaru: Get to the Chopper

PSD of Get to The Chopper
Click image to magnify

OK incredibly good-looking naked guy, we’re almost ready for the photo shoot. Sorry it’s taken so long. As soon as this baby stops screaming from the mosquito bites we’ll get started. Any minute now.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.