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Oh Canada: The Politician’s Are Angels Here

Politics in Canada tend to avoid religion, but overblown backlighting can make even the most heinous politician look heavenly.

Photoshop Disaster

Stephen Harper is looking to make the move from cult of personality to full-on deity. Which is probably a good move – the conservative Prime Minister has the personality of wet cardboard.

Actually, I’m not sure if that is Harper. Quick, who knows the name of the old white guy in politics? You know the one. He wears a suit.

Great catch Nadine. You can see the original on the Prime Ministers very own Photo of the Day website.

Kronen Zeitung: Mother of all Photoshops

My biggest concern about having a family is stumbling into a warzone during one of our Sunday morning walks.

Photoshop disaster

Looks like a classic case of wrong time, wrong place. I’m no journalist, but Austria’s biggest newspaper probably didn’t need to exaggerate the Syrian uprisings. The Krone features a nude or semi-nude Girl of the Day – the Photoshop budget would probably be better spent there.

Thanks John!

Asus / MSI: Laughing Stocks

According to the 80+ emails in my inbox, Engadget has a story about MSI and Asus both using the same Getty images stock photo.

The original picture shows an Apple iBook. The MSI version adds in a blurry new friend in the background, while the Asus version inexplicably adds make-up to the poor kid.

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