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J. Crew: Not Skinny Enough

Looks like J. Crew is into thigh gaps too, though they’re admittedly not quite as bad at adding them as Target is.



Come on, J. Crew!  She was already thin enough.  You’re getting to be frequent flyers here on PS Disasters.  After all, there was this one, that one, and the other one, and of course, my personal favorite.  But who’s counting, right?*

Thank you, Anna, for spotting this disaster on the J. Crew website.

*I totally am.

Wholesale Dress: This One Really Sucks

We suppose it’s possible to argue that this model was still not thin enough, in spite of being strapped into a torturously tight-looking corset, but honestly?  No.  Not so much.



Looks like someone attended the Kim Kardashian School of Photoshopping!  The original can be found here.  Thanks, Lauren.


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