Cosmopolitan: Outpouring of Shame

Mmm, who wants a milkshake?  This isn’t the first time that Cosmopolitan magazine has graced our site, but this mistake is certainly their most embarrassing yet.

Yes, we know that this is not a Photoshop Disaster, but it’s such a great example of a layout disaster that we just had to share it.

Found on BuzzFeed, via Imgur.

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  • Samand Ella

    There’s no link to get to this page. Which is good. I can’t quite get over the “brutal spinning class” tip.

    • Bev

      Yeah, this image appeared as-is online with no link to a digital version on I discovered it was in this magazine by googling the name of the article and the author’s name.

  • oldtaku

    I know from seeing enough lady ads that this is a woman who has eaten her yogurt.

  • Greenhatter

    I like her facial expression, satisfied… though, shameless.

  • Chris

    Just wanted say thanks for posting this. I really needed the laugh.

  • Shorty82

    Would have been even funnier (or at least fitting) if the right side ad had been for anti-diarrheal medicine instead of cough syrup.

  • Ariel Alejandro Castro Olguin


  • Lightstriker Stormyhahaha

    OMG look at that expression of total relief.