DX: Hovering Wrist Watch

Sure, this touch screen wrist watch is high tech, but there’s just one little problem: How does it stay on??


Seems like the wrist should go through the band, yes?

Thanks to Steve and Didier, who both saw this disaster here.

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  • Reinier

    Not a PSD. The watch ships with a small piece of velcro that needs to be superglued (or stapled but results are less satisfactory) to the user’s wrist. After that, the watch is easily attached to the wrist. Do some research, seriously.

    • Waldobaby

      You would THINK that the people here would be better schooled in just how style works in this day and age. They’re probably still stuck with Elvis and Poodle skirts in the 2013s!

      • Guest

        Theres more than 1 2013? GOD DAYUM

  • http://LeVarRavel.com/ LeVar Ravel

    With all the time they spent on photoshopping the magic watch, you’d think they would’ve at least airbrushed the veins out of the picture…

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      And “fixed” the models teeth.

  • alanaskye

    Actually, it’s the latest Geek Chic fashion. You just have to have a superconducting magnet surgically implanted just under your skin. Everyone who’s anyone is doing it, daaahling!

  • Hitesh

    Even if the watch was on the wrist ( or the wrist in the watch) the orientation would require the wearer to twist his head 180 degrees ( ofcourse if he managed that wrist manipulation, he would manage the 180 degree twist tooo 😀 ) to see the time …. His time is sure toooo bad … 😀

    On the second thought he acted literally, when he was asked to put the Watch ON the wrist ….bad grammar creates bad manipulation…