Etelj: Amp It Up

Ain’t no party like a PsD party, ’cause a PsD party has cut-out people and huge slabs of steak!


This company makes sound amplifiers, so we can only assume that the music at this shindig is pumpin’.

Thanks, Jonatas.  The original image appeared on the company’s Facebook page, though we’re still not sure why.

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  • 5up Mushroom

    As an introvert, I hardily approve this party. Cardboard cut outs and huge steaks in a nice clean place. How do I get invited?

    • Pedro Hin

      By heartily approving the party 😉

    • Nasro Subari

      You can make your own party by ordering these cheap cutouts…

  • stella

    Perhaps the steak was supposed to symbolically represent sound, therefore they amplified it? Doesn’t explain the cardboard cut-outs

  • dma

    Those speakers are so big they make mini tables for the cardboard cut-outs. Too bad they are all standing. =(

    Oh, and the steak is about to slide off the crooked table too…

  • EliyahuBenYisroel

    All those people and one steak… I wonder which one gets it and what he’ll use to cut it? He’ll have to move fast though, as the table and platter appear to be inclined at about a thirty degree angle and it’s gonna end up on the floor soon.