Old Navy: Extra Charge For The Extra Hand

Question: Do all of these affordable Old Navy dresses include an extra hand?  If not, forget it.  That’s a total deal-breaker.


We always love a good “Thing” sighting!  Thanks, Zoe.  The original is here.

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  • Ben

    Is that a backward knee? (3rd knee from the left)

  • speising

    two girls, four hands. nothing extra here.

    • M.

      You seem to have missed the minor point that three of those four hands are right hands.

  • greennotGreen

    Two girls, four hands, but the hand on the waist of the girl in the orange dress is not attached to either of them. I can reach behind my back and put my hand on my waist, but I can’t do it in any way in which my thumb is pointed up.

  • sugargirl99

    yeah – that knee doesn’t look right either.

  • Waldobaby

    Why did they they put a twenty year old model with one who is thirteen?

  • Dr.Professer

    Also that orange dress looks a bit broken.