Good Idea In Theory

First driving lesson: Try sitting in the seat that has the steering wheel.


We’re not saying that this is a giant girl in a tiny car, but… we’re not not saying that, either.  Thanks, Nick!  The original was spotted here.

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  • EliyahuBenYisroel

    I’m still trying to figure how she manages to sit with her head and arm out the window without twisting her body at all.

  • Rich

    The window is even still there! Wow that’s terrible.

  • Md Amirul Islam

    Very informative and unique tips dear. Thanks for sharing :)
    Lovely Read!

  • OurJames

    She just slid over from the driver’s seat to say “Yup! I have a key, too!”

    • ssacke

      …through the closed window…

  • Roderick

    Looks like they’re both going to one of those parties where you put your key in a bowl on the hall table when you arrive, and then pick up a random key (and its owner) when you leave.

  • Nasro Subari

    If it wasn’t for the closed window, you could argue that she’s inviting YOU to drive HER…