Lands End: Dat Thigh Gap

As we all know by now, if you’re not sporting a thigh gap that you can drive a truck through, you’re totally out of vogue this season.


Thank you, Amber, for sending this in!  You can see the original over on Lands End.


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  • Aldemar Hernández

    What the hell? Anatomy is not taught anymore in design school? Shame!

    • stella

      Have you ever typed a word then changed the font multiple times, looking for just the right font, and after a while the word starts looking like it is spelled incorrectly? I think that is the problem with advertisers – they photoshop so much all the time, that they have forgotten what real people look like.

      • Thigh Gap Hack

        Real people have thigh gaps

        • M.

          Spambots? On MY PSD? It’s more likely than you think.

          • ixache

            Even worse than a Spammer: a thigh gap apologist!

  • dma

    Don’t blame the artists. Blame McDonald’s for giving the models saggy McBurger butt.

  • Dynel Fibers

    Around these parts, that’s known as “factory air”.