Light In The Box: You’ve Got Something On Your Chin

On the bright side, that Serpentine Ear Clip really distracts from her hideous chin deformity.


See the original right here.  Thanks, Cris!

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  • arby

    But draws attention to her hideous ear deformity.

  • stella

    I am glad that the modeling industry is getting away from models so thin they are almost see through, but using models with double chins may be going a bit far in the other direction.

  • EliyahuBenYisroel

    This is one that’s so bad that the only question one can ask is, “What were they thinking?”

  • ssacke

    The third photo in their site is also a disaster, it looks like she has run full speed into a wall…

  • Nina

    I just can`t figure out how that happenned.. I`m trying hard but, no… no idea