Miss Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

This is Gabriela Frank, 2014’s new Miss Czech Republic.  It’s a shame that Ms. Frank seems to have had an embarrassing, er, incident… during the swimsuit portion of the pageant… but it’s nothing a little Photoshop can’t fix, right guys?  Guys?


Thanks, Martina!  This image was found here.

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  • MAyne

    Dude, that’s why she became Miss Czech Republic!!! Because of that, er, incident, showing up some pussy and all that :)

    • likalaruku

      Actually, they just colored over her hand, probably because it looked like a penis from that angle.

  • Aldemar Hernández

    Ouch that “shop” looks like somthing else…

  • Brent Busch

    Poor attempt at covering a lip-slip.

  • Roderick

    That blurred effect under her shopped crotch looks unfortunately like a release of intestinal gas.

    BTW does anyone have the un-shopped image, just for academic interest you understand?

  • dma

    “Look everyone, not only can I correct her wardrobe malfunction, I can also make her look like a skinny American Model. I’m awesome at Photoshop…”

  • Andulamb

    Why wouldn’t you just clone the swimsuit over the problem area? Whoever did this made it more difficult than it needed to be.

  • ixache

    I like a good exposed crotch story as much as any regular Internet smartass, but I can’t help spoiling the fun: what if the big, blurred patch the size of a hand was just, hmm, a hand?

    Moreover, I searched the Web for signs of the major buzz that such an incident should have given rise to, and found nothing. Only for documentation purposes of course,

  • Nasro Subari

    Reminds me of my sister’s Barbie dolls – those legs were so easy to dislocate…

  • Leah

    Makes it look like she’s got something to hide.

  • likalaruku

    Welp, either her testicles were exposed & they had to censor it, or someone took a chunk out of her thigh.