Mr. Balancoire: Faux Children At Play

“Where are we ever going to find actual children to sit on this swing set?  You know I’m not legally allowed to go within 500 yards of a playground!”



“Oh, you worry too much.  We’ll just fix it in post and they’ll never know the difference.”

That’s how I imagine this image came into existence.

Thanks for spotting this (here), Greg!

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  • OurJames

    Don’t make any sudden movements, but those children DON’T HAVE ANY SHADOWS!

    • stella

      I suppose you are one of those people who don’t think that vampire children have the right to play outdoors

      • Andulamb

        They were reduced to ashes shortly after the photo session.

      • Roger Dowd

        I bet nobody thought to drive stakes through their hearts so they would never return to feed on the blood of Art Directors for all Eternity.

  • ddgiant

    I like how the rope on the swing automatically widens to fit the child