Moet: Scarlett Noupperarmon

Scarlett Noupperarmon
No, see, a wave from the sea is in front of her arm. Or her arm is super bendy! Hey actually I think that’s his arm and he’s holding the bottle behind his head. The way you do. Actually there’s another woman behind them waving the champagne. The photographer probably saw it and decided to keep it in because the camera said “Memory full.” Super pro guys do stuff like that all the time, it’s called literal thinking. Maybe the guy has an arm growing out of his neck, and they thought he was going to die but they found a cure and that’s why they’re drinking champagne.

Thanks to Marek!

Sucker Punch: Mmmmkay

Sucker Punch PSD
In Sucker Punch, the exciting new movie from Zack Snyder, a young girl has her head swell up so she looks like Mr Mackey from South Park. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy she imagines herself with a normal size head and a tiny body. It all ends in a madcap chase with bongo music and a surprise guest appearance by the Elephant Man. Three thumbs up!

Thanks to Stefanie! Imdb page in case you are unable to believe this is real.

Ann Taylor: Ann Failure

Ann Taylor PSD
Jezebel has a nice story on Ann Taylor’s amazing bid to be the home of the most ridiculous retouching ever. Apparently besides retouching images with the finesse of a prison tattooist, the site managed to post both retouched and unretouched versions of the same images.

Thanks to RG!

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