Priest: That’s A Very Bad Habit

Achilles is working on a poster for Priest in 3D.

Achilles: Argh, anatomy is hard. I hate everything and everyone.
Tortoise: Why are you making a picture out of bits of other pictures?
Achilles: I only have some headshots, so I have to make the body out of some textures.
Tortoise: Why don’t you take a picture of someone in the right pose?
Achilles: That would be cheating.
Tortoise: Well, at least you could look at some real people. Here, have an anatomy book.
Achilles: That also is cheating.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Bigger version here!

Al-Ahram: Mubarak Barracked By Barack Brickbat

Barack Brickbat PSD
So Hosni Mubarak was at the White House, presumably to plot evil health insurance reform with our President. Well it’s too boring complicated for me to explain it; here’s The Guardian’s take on it and the original source of the story.

Thanks to Andrew!

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