Glamour UK: Jess Incapable

Glamour UK PSD
Innocent bystander: Oh no! I’ve accidentally cut this picture in half! How can I fix it before the boss gets back? This is a job for Half-assed Man!
Half-assed Man: Stand back, let me sort this out. Just a little clone, smudge, blur a bit. Um, do you need this today?

Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Original is here!

GQ: Navel Search Exercise

The febrile and jejune mainstream media is obsessed with Lindsay Lohan, while apposite and meritorious blogs like this one are obsessed with her navel. Does it just roam around her body in the manner of a peripatetic leech? We should be thesaurus error!

Thanks to Erin R and everyone who sent this in! Original is here!

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