Meira T: Worst Hand Job Ever

Meira T PSD
If you are of a particularly snarkish mien, you will be entirely capable of imagining the poor soul responsible for assembling, in the manner of Frankenstein, this sad outrage against the eyes and then, on reflection, believing they might feel pleased with their handiwork. Pleased, but also blissfully – dumbly – unaware of their impending appearance on these pages.

Thanks to Jinxxy! Original can be found here (click collections, endure Flash for a few images.)

My One And Only: Zero Out Of One

My One And Only PSD
Ha ha, you movie-going morons! We don’t think you actually look at anything! We have the production values of a three-year old! Where’s my medication? I spit on your expectation of visual literacy! Who care! Who care!

Thanks to thebutcher! Bigger version here!

Garnier: Ambre So Lame

Garnier PSD
Either this is the most impossibly long-legged contortionist model in the history of collateral artwork, or there are really two women here cavorting around, all naked and covered in product. Which means it isn’t a PsD, but shame on you, Garnier.

Thanks to Megan! Original is here!