Wgate: Demi Moore, Demi Anja Rubik

Wgate Demi Moore PSD
OK, already, enough, here’s the Demi Moore W cover.

While most of your submissions were about Ms Moore’s hip position – something Jezebel picked up on, a greater conspiracy is in the offing: Pop Culture Madness thinks it’s a body swap with Anja Rubik. NY Mag reports on the conspiracy, but doesn’t really endorse it. The Huffington Post, on the other hand, goes full Glenn Beck.

For the record, I don’t believe it’s a PsD, or a body swap, and that there’s nothing wrong with her hip. Yes, it’s been retouched, but it isn’t a disaster. I don’t usually* post non-PsDs but this will hopefully reduce the flood of mail I’ve had.

Either way, Happy Thanksgiving.

*quiet down in the back please.

Leave It To Lamas: No Mas!

Leave It To Lamas PSD
Hmm yeah, let’s imagine the blonde naked, yeah, oh, huh, eww, aarrrrgh my eyes!

Thanks to rudi and everyone else who sent this in! Original is here!

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