Skyy Vodka: Whyy So Badd?

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I watched, my blood curdling, as I saw with my eyes the menacing figure reveal the true horrible horror of the Claw! She clumsily tried to grip a pineapple with her pincerlike pincers but only succeeded in scraping across it in a sort of scraping motion, but the horrific appearance of her mangled fingers and thumb were already etched into my soul like a staircase on an Etch-A-Sketch. Without moving, I ran out of the room and away into the night.

– The Horrible Claw, E.C.Carne, 1947

Thanks to Doug McG!

Sunday Times: Mini Ha Ha!

Sunday Times PSD
BBC Top Gear Episode 19056 Part 3:
Jeremy Clarkson: I’m what our American viewers would term a bit of a douche. Let me rephrase that: I’m a very tall bit of a douche. A six foot five bit of a douche. So tall, in fact, that BMW had to build a special Mini the size of a tank for me.

Thanks to Paul I!

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