AT&T: Whoops

Something tells me that in this image in an AT&T mailer the grass was darkened and that the whole right side of the image has been extended and that the whole image has been flopped. I don’t know how I can tell, I guess I’m just psychic.

Thanks to Gadi!

Vanity Fair: Sleeve It Out

Vanity Fair PSD
Annie Liebowitz is the master of assembling separate images of people into a single image. Take, for instance, this shot of Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet. You can hardly tell that the two were photographed separately. Except for Sam Mendes wearing a coat on one arm. And not the other.

Thanks to Andreina! Original is here!

Bausch & Lomb: You Are Testing The Meaning Of The Word Inadvertent

Bausch & Lomb PSD
Bausch & Lomb proudly present Artelac®, the most EXTREME eyedrops ever in the history of mankind. Are your eyes worth the Artelac® effect?
Side effects include spontaneous limb shedding and dramatic darkening of the chest.

Thanks to mb and beard revue!

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