Lane Bryant: Navel Mobilization

Lane Bryant PSD
This is so typical of modern multinational media conglomerates like um Lame Giant who are like fascists when it comes to er the representation of women’s bodies and their agenda is for everyone to feel bad that their belly button is in the wrong place because there’s this group of like five men in New York who decide what everyone should look like rewrite this bit and real women have curves and normal centered belly buttons er we should be free to look like whatever we want so we demand a law to ban this kind of image.

Thanks to Sarah L, via Jezebel! Original here!

Lost: Unexplained Logical Discrepancy Shocker

Lost PSD
So it t erious Jacob character ▒tually the Photoshop. 1516.ating the Swan station with the lasso tool after all. Also, the clone ▒▒▒ at all times tѠLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ߥߝ߁߄. Dad?

Original is here! Thanks to Emily R!

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