Victoria’s Secret: Mostly Invisible Handbag

Duh this sucks who care she have a handbag handle it probably her glove or a small owl. This fial, unsubscribering.Victoria's Secret PSD

Thanks to Joann! Original is here!

Reader Captions: 

Don’t you people get it?
This poor girl has just been robbed, the robber cut off the handles with his super-sharp Samurai sword and has just left the scene (for several 10ths of minutes ago)
And as she’s so happy that she just got out several millions from the bank and has them in her purse she doesn’t notice the change of weight in her hand…
WV: detorser: what she’s doping now. By Daemon

Solidea: Detachable Pelvis

Solidea Detachable Pelvis PSD
Since we don’t seem to be arguing enough, I’d like to mention Macs versus PCs, Intelligent Design, and umm, Homeschooling.

Thanks to Sébastien!

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