JVC: Gonks Love Headphones

Gonks Love Headphones PSD
Group Design Huddle Meeting Sprint Review Pre-Mortem – Round 17:

  • Everyone likes the yellow halo; blue halo looked like electrocution.
  • Make head even bigger. We aren’t selling bodyphones!
  • The hair should be like dreads, but also spiky, and 10% more urban.
  • Hands can still be smaller. Ideally guy should resemble tyrannosaur.
  • Chin bigger! Lose the neck!

Thanks to John R!

Ralph Lauren: The Hits Keep On Coming

Although Ralph Laurenhave apologized for their last outrageous bout of Photoshop exuberance, they still haven’t apologized for the original DMCA their lawyers issued to this blog.Which makes it quite difficult to resist showing you this window display from Sydney, Australia.Ralph Lauren PSDThanks to PG!Reader Captions:

I don’t understand why women continue to purchase clothes designed by a man that wants everyone to look like prepubescent boys. By Kc

You know avatar? this is an avatar  By Eva

Carl Zeiss: Lose Canon

Carl Zeiss PSD

From: pr@zeiss.de
To: art@zeiss.de
Subject: changes for press release
Please make sure you take out the branding on the camera. Remember, we are a world-class optics company, so people expect us to notice small details.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Original press release is here!

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