Microsoft Poland: At Least They Left The Asian Guy In

It looks as though you’re localizing some marketing images.

Would you like to:

  • Use the original American images?
  • Hire a local photographer?
  • Clumsily get rid of the black guy?

Microsoft Poland PSD

Thanks to everyone who sent this in! Discussion on reddit is here!

Reader Captions:

Yeah, I agree with Kevin, the first thing I noticed was the macbook in a Microsoft ad! that’s hilarious. by Chad

omg, his neck, it’s broken, why is no one calling for help???
But even photoshop disasters aside, a *Mac* is in the middle of the photos and the Windows monitor isn’t even plugged in.
Looks like this was a stock photo very awkwardly pieced together. by Rai

Garnier: On The Shoulders Of Midgets

Garnier PSD
I understood Davina McCall to be a British micro-celebrity of the C-list variety. Imagine my surprise when I found that she is too important to actually pose for ads and instead has her head pasted atop abstract collages of body parts. Well done Davina!

Thanks to LS!

Toast Chee: Ants Probably The Least Of Your Problems

Toast Chee PSD
On a totally unrelated note, if you’re selling your services as a search engine optimization expert, you probably want to do something more effective than posting links in blog comments, especially on hopeless blogs like this one. I mean, really, do you think that people will see your tragically desperate posts and think, “Wow, I’d really like these people to publicize my site. They must be geniuses.”

Thanks to Ash!

Samsung: XXL-CD

Samsung PSD
Notes to Eddie before posting:

  • Check people in India are not all dwarfs
  • Have CDs gotten bigger? Maybe this is like a CD LP? or a CD 78?
  • Is it unreasonable to expect people who make CDs to know how big they are? They seem so happy