YSL: Craptacular Noodly Appendage

Yves Saint Laurent PSD
Yes, we get the olde-worlde-tinted-photo schtick. Very nice. What we don’t get is the Monty Python-inspired left leg. Is she supposed to be wearing flesh-tone latex pantyhose or something? Is her toe touching the ground in front of her? How come her body throws a shadow but her leg doesn’t?

Fun fact: Yves Saint Laurent is a brand of Gucci, a company with revenues of €2.2 billion.

Thanks to Christophe! Original is here!

Azzaro: Stumpy’s Last Gig

Arrrrr! I lost that leg on the Spanish main, arr, ye scurvy landlubbers. The sea’s a terrible mistress, arr. I’ll keelhaul every man jack one of you ye scurvy scurvers, ye [continues forever]

 Azzaro PSD
Thanks to Stela!

Reader Captions:

And then there’s her right hand. Thank god it has no bones, otherwise it would have really hurt to stretch and bend it that much. By Brooks

I see two legs there, is she supposed to have three? by Breef