Elle: Shoulder Woulda Coulda

Elle PSD
In a stunning deconstruction of the neodynamic of consumer culture, Elle magazine reifies the nowness – and overarching implausibility – of Lady Gaga’s armpit to emphasize the detachability of her arm and, by implication, the detachment of postmodern modes of avoir-fromage; the stark contrast of one arm literally textualized in comparison with its counterpart – photoshopped to merry hell – provides a dyspeptic vision of modality that itself resonates across [continued p94]

Thanks to maaike and everyone else who sent this in! Bigger version here!

Graphis: Undetectable Comping

Graphis PSD
Let’s establish some ground rules here. You can either say a missing reflection is deliberate, or that someone is convincingly boating around in an upturned beach umbrella. You can’t have both.

On the other hand, if this is a calculated attempt to get onto PsD then I salute you, sir.

Thanks to Ryan! Original is here!

PES Soccer: World Keepy Uppy Champion

Pro Evolution Soccer – not to be confused with Atheists Will Burn In Hell Soccer – obviously sees some sort of competitive advantage in shorter, stumpier legs for players. Who are we to judge? Oh, right.

PES Soccer PSD

Thanks to Emre!

Reader Captions:

Oh, what a disappointment! So it wasn’t that Messi is good, it’s that all his rivals are crippled! by Nuri

It is called Pro EVOLUTION Soccer for a reason — they are footballers who have evolved into something else. Although they look like pretty awful footballers now they have evolved shorter legs! by Avoura

Axelrod: Aquaplaning!

Wgate Demi Moore PSD
There’s nothing that gives you greater confidence in a company than seeing iStockphoto’s watermark on their homepage. In the masthead.

Thanks to Steve A! Original site is here!

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