Blonde Ambition: I Love Your Jaundiced Fake Breasts

Blonde Ambition PSD
There is a great deal of Photoshop work that is simply bad. There are many ill-considered and incompetently executed images. There is so much artwork in the world that is carelessly, sloppily, inexcusably weak.

So I think you’ll understand me when I say that it takes real courage for a designer to break through the morass of the merely abysmal to produce a work of monumental badness such as this. Truly a work o fart.

Thanks to MS! Bigger image here!

Left 4 Dead: Three Thumbs Up!

Left 4 Dead PSD
Bill: I’m gonna have peace on earth even if I have to murder every single one of these damn things with my own bare hands!
Louis: Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about.
Bill: Damn straight!
Louis: Hahaha, Bill!
Bill: Hey Zoey how come you always have your hands in your pockets?
Zoey: Hey! More stairs!

Thanks to Jason, 7601 and everyone else who sent this in!

Lumix: Winner Of The Palm D’oh

Ah, no, you see, that isn’t a disaster because Germans have this thing called verletzterfingersieg, which is the triumph of fingers over logic, dummy.Lumix PSD
Thanks to thePGJ! Original is here!

Reader Captions:

So apparently disjointed puppets use that brand of camera…. by Tash

Hmm, maybe a new special feature of their cams. So, no disaster ;)  By Stefan

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